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What are the Best Sewing Machines

Best Sewing Machines - The Brother CS6000i
Best Sewing Machines – The Brother CS6000i

Welcome to our post which identifies a selection of the best sewing machines on the market today and what to look out for when choosing good sewing machine.

There is no better time to buy a sewing machine. In years gone by sewing machines could be cumbersome, a bit expensive and difficult to operate with any level of consistency.

Mastery of a sewing machine could also be problematic for even the more advanced user leaving you to perform all but the most basic of sewing tasks.

With advances in technology, the modern day sewing machine is now packed full of great features to make the craft of sewing as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Best Sewing Machines Selection

The following sewing machines are all extremely popular on the Amazon.com website. Customer reviews consistently put these machines at the top of the pick list particularity as many of them also make the list of the best embroidery machines and best quilting machines.

Click on the images for the latest prices, offers, product information and customer review comments.

Brother CS6000i – A Bestselling Beginners Machine

This computerized Brother CS6000i sewing machine is one the best-selling sewing machines for beginners.

It has 60 in-built stiching formats which is more than enough for starter projects as well as having 9 press-on feet.

The product comes with an expanding table which also allows it to be used for larger fabric projects as well as quilting.

The LCD panel allows the computerized setttings to be viewed and adjusted with the minimum of fuss.


  • Its pitched at the entry-level user with a more affordable price-point to suit.
  • This product from the highly reputable Brother manufacturer come highly rated among customer who have purchased it.
  • This is mainly pitched as a great beginners machine and does a great job of introducing the newbie to standard sewing and quilting operations. Once you become a bit more accomplished however you will still get plenty of enjoyment out of this great product before needing to upgrade.


  • It lacks some of the fancier features you may find on more advanced models. For example it has no automatic thread cutter.
  • It has no adjustable pressure foot presser
  • Its not great with the heavier fabrics such as denim, leather or canvas however if you are starting to be more adventourous with your projects it may be worth upgrading to a more advanced model of machine.
Product Summary: This is a great feature rich sewing machine which would ideally suit a beginner who wants to work on starter projects, sew clothes or try out some quilting.

SINGER 4423  – Ideal for Heavy Duty Projects

This mechanical motorised machine can handle sewing tasks and fabrics ranging from light to very heavy.

Built by Singer, who are a highly reputable manufacturer, has a metal frame and a stainless steel bed-plate which ensures it can handle a bit of punishment.

Unlike the beginners computerized models that you may come across, this is built for speed and power. The motorized drive will deliver professional level stitch speeds at around 1100 stitches per minute.


Built for speed and power when using heavier fabrics.

Has adjustable pressure foot pressure wich is ideal when sewing very light and very heavy materials.


It has a small working footprint which is not great for larger projects or quilting.

It comes with a smaller range of stitch and buttonhole options found on other appliances.

Product Summary : The motor and heavy-duty frame make this an ideal appliance for sewing canvas, denim and other heavy materials.

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist – Packed with Features

The SINGER’s 9960 Quantum Stylist is a computerized appliance jam-packed with smart intelligent features.

The SINGER comes with 600 stitch patterns to choose from and is ideal for undertaking a wide array of sewing and quilting projects. All stitches are easily searched for via the LCD display.

Pros: Can deal with heavy denim and canvas fabrics with ease

There are 4 different alphabet font stitches which will allow for more elaborate craft stitch designs

It comes with a bright LCD panel which ensures you can easily see the stitch details

Cons: The machine will not store programmed patterns once switched-off

Some users find the bobbin threading to be a fiddly and problematic

Product Summary : A great all-round sewing machine for the intermediate to advanced user. Its worth spending the extra money on the product if you are a serious crafter and want to carry out more elaborate projects.


Janome DC2012 Decor Computerized Sewing Machine with 50 Built-In Stitches

Janome-DC2012 sewing machine features





The Janome DC2012 sewing machine is a high end machine for the proficient sewer.

With 50 stitches,  a speed control slider, an auto-lock button and easy reverse function the Janome DC 2012 is a dependable and highly popular product.

Weighing in at 23lbs the DC2012 is a great all-rounder capable of delivering consistently on a wide range of sewing projects.

Buying Considerations for Choosing the Best Sewing Machine

The following video from the National Sewing Circle provides excellent advice on what to consider before buying a sewing machine.

As a beginner when you are looking to buy a machine think about what you will use the machine for, how often you will use it the functions provided by the sewing machines you are looking at and also your budget.

If you are just keen on carrying out small repairs and alterations then any affordable model that provides a selection of foot attachments will suffice. Look out for a least a buttonhole foot, a zipper foot and a plastic foot for delicate fabric materials.

For very basic sewing pick a model that offers at least a basic range of different stitches. A few zig-zag stitches, different lengths of straight stitches and at least an automatic buttonhole are a basic minimum to get you started.

If you are comfortable with this level of sewing and don’t feel you will expand your skills into a hobby then it’s all about getting the most reliable machine at the most affordable price.

Like any cheaper product these days build quality, build material and warranty may all be compromised if you elect for a really cheap model so make sure you do your research and buy a machine that is sturdy and reliable.

Sewing Machines for Beginners and Beyond

There is nothing worse than buying a product only to outgrow in next to no time. Think long and hard about whether its worth making a jump to a computerized model from the outset.

Even the most basic of the modern computerized models will provide you with lots more functionality without having to spend an enormous amount.

If you are looking for that little bit more than a basic sewing machine look for extra stitches, buttonhole options, variable speed control and a removable flatbed.

Take a look at this video for an overview of the type of machine available and the key features you should look out for when buying a machine.